500ml Canned Soursop Juice Drink with Pulp


500ml Canned Soursop Juice Drink with Pulp

  • Sample: Free Sample
  • Flavor: Soursop
  • Packaging: Aluminum can 500ml
  • Standard Loading: 24 cans/ case. 1500 cases/ 20ft container
  • Shelf life: 24 months
  • Payment term: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal
  • Delivery time: 18 – 20 days after deposit
  • Certification: ISO, HACCP, FDA, HALAL
  • Port: Hai Phong Port, Vietnam
  • Supply ability: 300 Twenty-Foot Container per Month

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  • COMPETITIVE PRICE, low MOQ while still maintaining the PERFECT balance between a healthy authentic drink and great tastes.
  • FREE DESIGN/SAMPLE: Eye-catching colorful labels that would stand out on store shelves.
  • US-STANDARD MACHINERY SYSTEM: Provide various packaging solutions and high-standard products.
  • Tan Do is a ISO/HACCP/FDA/HALAL certified manufacturer.

500ml Canned Soursop Juice Drink with Pulp of Tan Do

The health of our skin is an indicator of our overall health. Just like the rest of the body, our skin too needs nutrients. Soursop is an amazing source of skin nourishing nutrients that can make your skin glow with health! Here are some of the benefits for your skin:

1. Heals And Treats Skin Disorders: Soursop is used to treat numerous skin problems. They have effective healing qualities. If you apply fresh soursop leaves on your skin, then this facilitates quick healing.

2. Treats Edema: Soursop leaves are used in the treatment of inflammation and swollen feet.

3. Treats Eczema: Soursop leaf when mashed and applied on the skin as a poultice, can effectively treat eczema and many other skin problems.

4. Treats Leprosy: consuming soursop juice while fasting helps to treat leprosy.

5. Fights Signs Of Aging: Soursop contains a rich amount of ascorbic acid and Vitamin C, which increases the antioxidant content in our body and helps in reducing signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation.


We all know that healthy and shiny hair requires an adequate supply of vital nutrients. Soursop can supply your body just the nutrients it needs:

6. Rids the Head of Lice: Applying soursop leaves on the scalp helps to get rid of head lice.

7. Prevents Hair Loss: Soursop contains good amount of Vitamin C, which helps in preventing hair loss.

8. Reduces Dandruff: Soursop leaves contain anti-parasite properties. If you mash and apply it on the scalp, you can help fight dandruff and its associated symptoms.


Soursop has a number of health benefits. Some of them are:

9. Eases Upset Stomach: It contains many minerals and vitamins. It’s used to treat a number health problems like upset stomachs.

10. Fights Cancer: Leaves of soursops are proven to kill around 12 types of cancer cells. They prevent breast, colon, lungs, prostate and pancreatic cancers.

11. Prevents Osteoporosis: Soursop contains phosphorus and calcium, which helps in maintaining strong bones and prevents osteoporosis.

12. Boosts Energy Levels: Soursop contains sugar, which act as natural carbohydrates and helps to increase the energy level and endurance.

13. Prevents Nervous Disorders: Soursop contains Vitamin B1, which increase metabolism and blood circulation and prevents nervous disorders.

14. Effective Cure for Hemorrhoids: Soursop can be used to treat infant diarrhea and is effective in curing hemorrhoids too.

15. Relieves Constipation: Soursop contains soluble and insoluble fibers. Consuming this fruit is an amazing way to find relief from constipation.

16. Treats Insomnia: Soursop treats insomnia as it contains a sleep inducing chemical known as tryptophan.

This nutritious fruit is easily available in health stores and markets Now, you have no excuse! Go ahead, get healthy!

500ml Canned Soursop Juice Drink with Pulp

Help your customers make better, healthier choices today with Tan Do’s Products!

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